Josh Peas is a young entrepreneur. He manages the rising hip-hop star Casey Veggies and is an owner of the brand Peas & Carrots Intl. Peas and Carrots recently opened their flagship store in Los Angeles and I talked to Josh about growing up in LA, paving his own way in the music and fashion industry, and staying true to what makes his brand unique.

"We saw FUBU, we saw Rocawear, we saw all these urban brands come through and merge music and fashion the right way…A lot of people didn’t do that after them" - Josh Peas


Growing up in Los Angeles and Casey Rapping in middle school

Breaking in the fashion scene in LA

Seeing Rocawear and FUBU create a blueprint on merging music and fashion and creating their own model with Peas & Carrots and Casey Veggies

Opening the Peas & Carrots flagship store in West Hollywood

Staying true to what makes their brand unique

Comparing Peas & Carrots to Roc-A-Fella

Finding creative inspiration and people being passionate

Michael Hastings (the vocal journalist who opposed mass US surveillance operations and died “suspiciously”) visiting the Peas & Carrots store

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